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Executive Search


8S’s Executive Search Consultancy Practice provides superior retained search services for entry level recruitments, executive and senior-level positions. We employ a personalized approach with direct engagements and single point of contact, resulting in faster, higher quality placements. With clear communication in place, we stick to timelines and deliver what has been promised. We specialize in Mass resourcing, Vertical recruitments and Synergistic recruitments.

One of the distinguishing hallmarks of our Executive Search Consultancy team is their solid work experience and access to customized and industry-specific networks. These are constantly and consistently updated resulting in outstanding candidate pools.

Our excellence of over a decade, spans various sectors, domains and position types, and our repeat business and extended engagements with clients are proof enough.


8S Solutions - a member of ERA, helps clients to bring in the right Employee.

Our Executive Search Approach

With a simple and straightforward approach, we stand out in our practices.

Level 1: We understand your organization, your structure, reporting relationships, dynamics and understand the specified requirements, within these parameters. The deliverable at this phase is a clear position description that can be approved or adjusted.

Level 2: We finalize the position description and then work towards identifying like-skilled individuals for the opening. Within this broad net, we identify the right candidate, who could make the suitable hire. We engage in understanding the candidate’s interest in the position and review our progress with our client, consistently.

Level 3: Candidates are then screened through thorough interviews and report complete candidates’ profiles, their strengths and weaknesses to our clients.

Level 4: Finally we present a list of all those who were considered, and suggest the top prospects for the position. The first-round of personal meetings between the client and candidate are arranged, zeroing in on 2-3 finalists, after credibility checks are completed. In the penultimate round, we assist in negotiating the final offer. Post hire, we follow-up on the quality of the match provided.