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Our Approach


8S Solutions has specialized in representing qualified human resources professionals for direct-hire, contract and consulting positions within companies of all sizes. 8S Solutions’ knowledge of the human resources field and connection to local business communities attracts candidates who excel in their chosen specialties. 8S Solutions offer hiring options which allow clients to choose the staffing strategy that best fits their needs.

    Our approach to staffing a position is to begin by learning the basics:
  • What is the core focus for the role?
  • What are the expected outcomes during the timeframe of employment?
  • What are the needed personal qualities, job success requirements, and cultural "fit" factors?
  • What are the position responsibilities, minimum qualifications, and reporting relationships?
  • Who are the internal stakeholders?
  • What is the selection and hiring process involve?
  • What else is significant for a successful HR leader at your company?

We carefully screen individuals to identify their level of HR leadership experience.

You may be seeking someone who has held the top HR job at several organizations. Or, you may be open to someone who has occupied a different position in a company’s HR hierarchy. We take time to understand your organization and its leadership team so that we source appropriately.

We strive to identify individuals with qualities that will best match your work environment.

We conduct in-depth interviews to understand the capabilities and interests of our candidates. Additionally, all our candidates undergo detailed skills assessments, thorough reference checks, and background checks prior to placement.
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